Biocentric Business Solutions
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CopyrightOur Mission

Add value to your business, community and our planet through sustainability planning and management. We help business Profit Naturally!

Our Values

BIOCENTRIC: All forms of life are equally valuable.
The core value of our business is to find elegant management solutions for business that do less harm to all life forms. 137 species and over 129,000 acres of rainforest are lost on this planet every day (World Bank).

At least 1% of our total revenue will be donated annually to the conservation of land for endangered species.

Treat others as we like to be treated

Deliver value efficiently

Engage in continuous learning and share our vision

Make our world a better place to live in and have fun doing it

Trends we are Concerned About

Global human population continues to rise exponentially
Global consumption is beyond sustainable at this time and continues to increase
GHG emissions continue to increase and will be double 1990 levels by 2035

Global Consumption (324k)
Global Emissions (281k)
Species Diversity (962k)
The Age of Humans (293k)
Our Optimistic View of the World in 2050

A world energized by geothermal and solar power • more than enough clean energy for everyone
A world of quality products - that last longer and do less harm to people and the environment
Respect for the other species on our planet and an end to endangered species habitat destruction