Biocentric Business Solutions
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CopyrightBIOCENTRIC Business Solutions offers sustainability consulting to business. We help companies build a sustainability plan and a management system to profit naturally.

Bronze Package: This workshop introduces sustainability planning, and conducts high level audits that highlight some opportunities to improve your bottom line.

• Silver Package: Assessment workshop and starting point definition of sustainability for your organization. Identifies the sustainability drivers that will have the most impact on your business and some opportunities for integrating sustainability into the business.

• Gold Package: Creates a definition of sustainability for your organization and early opportunity analysis which establishes priorities. Creates a short term business case and provides recommendations on funding mechanisms. Also identifies some potential long range risks and opportunities.

• Green Package: Development of a customized and comprehensive business sustainability plan and reporting system providing a long range plan for success.

Please contact us for details about our rate schedule and pricing on our Silver, Gold and Green Consulting Packages.

We offer our clients an online client project management, idea and resource centre.