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How we do it

Our primary service provides guidance on building a business sustainability framework for your business. Whether you are just beginning the sustainability journey or are part way there and need help in making progress, we can help. All of the benefits listed on our home page are being realized by thousands of organizations around the world that are making considerable investments in sustainability planning for their future success.
CopyrightOur process is as follows:

1) Initial client meeting to determine your level of commitment.
2) Awareness workshop for senior management team to review issues, opportunities, resources and establish team commitment.
3) A series of workshops with business functions and the various stakeholders of your business. These determine what is important to your business and reveal opportunities, a business case for change and a compelling vision for creating a sustainable organization.
4) Operational site audits and workshops with business functions to identify priority issues, and generate both short term and long term objectives as part of your sustainability plan.
5) Ensuring that integration and accountability is in place across business functions and that priority actions are underway and being measured.
6) Ensuring that sustainability reporting is in place and that your sustainability plan is communicated to your stakeholders.
7) Provide ongoing support in terms of independent audit and assistance with continuous improvement.

We combine our business and sustainability expertise to provide practical tools to mobilize and sustain the success of your plan. We work on only a select number of these projects each year with clients that are fully committed to the process. If and when necessary, we draw on additional expertise from our pool of experienced independent business and professional allies. We use generally accepted international standards for business sustainability framework guidance and reporting Global Reporting Initiative.

The tool below allows you to gain insight on where your organization stands today and areas you need to focus on to become a more sustainable business. Please let us know if we can help you.

Sustainable Business Self Assessment Tool (365k)